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Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism refers to the collaboration with the tourism industry in order to provide 'cost effective' private medical care to patients such as surgical and other forms of specialized treatment. The corporate sector (both private and public) involved in medical care as well as the tourism industry facilitate the entire process. Patients travel to different countries to get medical, dental, and surgical treatment under medical tourism. This also offers them the opportunity to travel the country and visit the popular attractions. Medical tourism has registered a growth in recent times due to a number of factors including ease and affordability of international travel, rapidly improving technology and standards of care in many countries of the world, favourable currency exchange rates in the global economy, increased costs of healthcare in industrialized nations and approved healthcare in select foreign nations.

The focus of medical travel is mainly on the health care. In this "Patients traveling outside of their home region in pursuit of care that is more accessible, of higher quality, and/or lower cost."

The Medical Tourism industry caters to the patients who wish to obtain medical care in foreign countries.



Large number of trained and highly professional doctors, internationallyattributed hospitals, experienced nurses & paramedics


  • Around 650,000 doctors
  • Highly skilled and professional experts, and
  • Ease of English communication

Comfort Level

  • NRI doctors are known as the best health experts in First World Countries
  • Communication in English language
  • Indian Nurses rapidly gaining international exposure

Lower Medication cost

  • Strong Pharmacy Sector and gettingacknowledgement across the world
  • Rapidly emerging as major Drug R&D Center
  • Strong Generic drugs business
  • Low cost of drug development in India
  • No waiting

Tourist Interest

  • 5000 year old civilization
  • Well-known for Historical, Cultural and Religious diversity
  • Diverse geographical landmarks; vast coastline
  • Traditional arts and crafts
  • Vibrant democracy: Freedom for citizens; empowered women population

Alternative Medicine Proposition

  • Ancient Ayurvedic stream of medicines
  • Rejuvenation alternatives: Kerala's health retreats
  • Naturopathy and Yoga
  • India's healthcare industry worth US$ 17 billion; to grow by 13% per annum for next 6 years
  • In 2004, India treated 1.8 Lac patients. This is to grow substantially at the rate 25-30% in 2005
  • CondeNaste (international magazine) has rated India amongst the world's 'must see top ten destination'
  • A study by CII Mckinsey estimates that country could earn 5000-10,000 crore by 2012
  • Health procedures across world show 200-800% cost difference
  • India proactively talking to Foreign Insurance companies to treat their beneficiaries in India
  • Cashless benefits

Hassle Free Insurance Facilities.

Most of the patients prefer to travel abroad to avail affordable, enjoyable, and safe alternative to treatment in their home country. Medical tourists are usually inhabitants of industrialized nations and most of the belong to The United States, Western Europe, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and The Middle East. With time, the number of patients opting for medical tourism is increasing as they prefer to combine vacationing and obtaining medical treatment at low cost. Most medical tourists flocking to India are Non resident Indians.

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