I believe that one of the worst things to happen to the Black Hair Industry was weaves! You don’t need weaves.  They are weapons of hair (and scalp) destruction!

I’ve heard clients tell me that they wore a weave and broke out in a rash or couldn’t stop itching their scalp and skin.  This is not uncommon – your body simply does not like foreign objects and will indicate this with the itching and rashes.  This is your own body’s defense mechanism at work.

In spite of these issues, women continue to wear them.  So let’s have a quick look at two reasons why women of color continue to wear weaves and the two most common problems associated with weave wearing.

When a woman of color puts that weave on, she looks different and feels different.  Suddenly, she’s like a better version of herself when she looks in the mirror (if the weave looks good).

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She walks down the street and heads are turning, and the compliments are rolling in.  There’s a bounce in her step as she walks – her confidence has been boosted by the weave. She smiles more, she’s happier and feels good about herself. Wearing a weave can increase your confidence.

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Reason #1: Conform to European Beauty Standards

Another main reason why women of color tend to wear weaves or do not wish to stop using them is that of the European beauty standards that they want to conform to.  This is why you will often hear comments like “I have to look a certain way when I’m at work.”  I certainly understand.

Now that we’ve seen why women wear them let’s look at some of the common problems that can arise with weaves.

Problem #2: The Itching Machine

If your scalp is itchy, then chances are it’s reacting to the weave, or your scalp just needs a good old wash. But itching/scratching your scalp all the time should be taken seriously.  Using oil to soothe it is like trying to put a band-aid on a broken bone.

If your scalp has been itchy since you put a weave in recently, then the itch is probably because your scalp has become dirty and needed a wash or your scalp is reacting to the weave. If the itching persists even when you take the design out and appropriately shampoo and condition your hair, then you may still have to seek medical help as something more serious may be going on.

Problem #3: Baldness

Over 30% of the women that come to see me have at some point worn a weave and have gotten their scalps and hair into a lot of trouble as a result.   Weave wearing is one of the major causes of Traction Alopecia where the person suffers hair loss as a result of the weave being too tight or being removed from the hair without being gentle.

The sad thing about this type of baldness is that it is HIGHLY preventable.  If you first put a weave in and it’s so tight that you can’t sleep, then why continue to wear it? Common sense dictates that you really should remove it immediately!  Again, this is your body protecting your hair and scalp from serious problems later in life. This is also a chronic back pain symptoms according to studies.

If you have symptoms of Traction Alopecia or a stubborn patch that simply refuses to grow as a result of a weave accident or the constant use of weaves, then you will find the 3-month hair growth course very useful indeed.  You should sign up for the 3-month hair growth course that will teach you, guide you in all hair wisdom for your hair type and texture and help to correct most hair issues early on.

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