The most contagious pandemic, coronavirus is also known as SARS-CoV-2. The deadly virus took birth in the Wuhan city in China. Later within a span of few months spread the entire world and killed millions of innocent people. Still, people affected by the virus are suffering and struggling for life in the hospitals and among these America is the worst-hit nation.

These are the common facts we all are aware of. Since people who are alive on the planet are listening to the broadcast news. Besides this, there are many myths about coronavirus which is spreading more rapidly than the virus itself. Let us have a look at the most common myths and their related facts in detail.

Common coronavirus myths and its facts

Spraying chlorine or alcohol on the skin

Generally, chlorine and alcohol-based disinfection are used for the surface cleaning or floor. Not on the human body, it is very harmful when it gets in contact with the mouth or eyes. Finally, it doesn’t kill the virus inside the body.

Mosquito and fly carry the virus

There is no evidence that supports the mosquito and flies in the home spread the virus. It mainly spread through contact with droplets of an infected person. Also through the surface where the infected person’s droplets fell while sneezing or coughing.

Taking hot water bath and eating ginger

Another common myth got viral, especially in India. It is that whoever takes a hot water bath or has more amount of ginger in the food they intake won’t get a virus. There is no evidence that supports these things. Moreover, the only way to protect yourself from the virus by washing hands regularly and avoid social gathers by following social distancing.

Whoever gets coronavirus dies

Most of the people are suffering from corona anxiety. As there is no proper treatment or the medication for this virus so for. But the fatality rate for this pandemic is not so high compared to other deadly viruses like ebola. However, 80 percent of the world population showing mild symptoms. This can be treated by taking the WHO rules and doctor-prescribed medicines. From the home by maintaining strick social distancing.

Note: The Mild symptoms include Cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Consuming methanol, ethanol and the bleach

Consuming these chemical mixed substances is very dangerous as they may damage the internal organs. Due to fear of pandemic many people around the world doing this crazy stuff like consuming these dangerous chemicals. These are generally used for external use to clean surfaces and floors. In fact, many lost their lives by believing in this myth.

Hand dries and hair dries kills the virus

Per day in social media, we receive multiple messages regarding the Coronavirus. Among this, one is using hair and hand driers to kill the virus which totally not correct. The only way to prevent this virus is by washing your hands regularly with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer. Also, maintain social distancing.

Rinsing the nose with saline

There is no proper proof that a rising nose with saline stops coronavirus. However, a recent study stated that the chance of reducing upper respiratory infection by rinsing the nose with saline. But scientists never proved it to stop the infection from the virus so don’t try this until suggested by the doctor.

Garlic protects against virus

A popular myth that eating garlic prevents or protects the body against coronavirus. According to the research, there is no such evidence of controlling the virus. Perhaps it reduces the growth of the bacteria in the body, not the COVID -19.

Parcels from china spread corona virus

Scientist says that the chance of virus survival on the packages and letters are very less compared to direct connect. As the product or package takes days or weeks time to ship to a particular destination. As they keep parcels in the ambient temperature. Therefore, the parcels from china posses a very low-risk factor.

Note: By eating Chinese food you won’t catch coronavirus

Home remedies for the cure

Home remedies can’t protect you against the virus. That includes taking Vitamin C supplements and using sesame oil, garlic. Otherwise drinking water every 15 mints. The only way that can protect against this dangerous contiguous disease is following WHO steps. Cleaning hands regularly, not visiting places which are surrounded by people, especially coronavirus affected area are some of the tips. Reduce the risk of spreading the disease by following strict personal hygiene.


The above mentioned are the few common myths regarding the coronavirus. The best way to stop the virus is to avoid socializing, follow the WHO-led out steps. Washing hands, maintaining at least 3 meters distance from one another, wearing a mask whenever you step outside the home. Avoid hugging and handshaking. Stay home stay safe.

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