An ancient self-awareness technique that holds the highest importance in Hinduism, now practiced around the globe. One of the best things about meditation is that it promotes self-awareness and good health. Recent research also suggests that meditation works like magic for stress relief than stress-relieving medicines. In today’s busy life, most individuals are subjected to increased levels of stress and anxiety. Hence meditation became popular in recent years. Not only that there are numerous types of meditation available. One can choose which is suitable for them.

Some people think one should know how to meditate as wrong meditation leads to health problems. Nah! It doesn’t matter how you meditate as meditation is a relaxing technique. But the important part is which technique you choose. What exactly will be suitable for you and how much effect it shows on your mind matters. Spiritual leaders around the world, mental health experts, and even educators have come with new meditation techniques. That will be suitable for the individual depending on the comfort level and stress levels.

There are numerous meditation methods across the world as it won’t be possible to discuss all here. Lets us discuss the most popular types of meditation methods followed by millions around the world.

 Kundalini yoga

One of the effective and powerful meditation forms which mainly depends on deep breathing and chanting mantras. It mainly focuses on the 7 chakras of the body. This particular meditation needs to be learned from the experts. In fact, performing the Kundalini in a proper way showed good results on health and stress. Besides this, it is effective in pain-reducing and curing anxiety and depression. Many people found it useful for lower back pain and mental wellness.

Mantra Meditation

One of the ancient and prominent mediation methods in Hinduism and Buddhism. This practice is all about repetitive chanting of the mantra either just one word ‘OM’ sound of the universe or the phase of mantras. Few people find chanting of mantra clams one’s mind. As they won’t be able to concentrate on breathing alone in silence. While doing mantra meditation what matters is calming one’s mind through chanting. It really not important how you chant-like loudly or within you.

Note: After chanting the mantra for a half-hour, You find yourself calm and focused. This practice also increases a deep level of awareness.

Transcendental Meditation

A spiritual mediation where the participants sit in a clean and peaceful place and start breathing practice in a slow manner. This meditation technique to be practiced regularly. The benefit of this type of meditation is a person can rise above the current state of being. However, it is very difficult to concentrate in the initial stage. The trainer starts with a mantra or phase of words. Moreover, here participants have the luxury to select the mantra of their choice. If not trainer will choose based on the personality of the participant and his requirement.

Mindfulness Meditation

Another best mediation method which can be practiced without any teacher. A famous Buddhist meditation teaching well knows around the world. In this, the participants just sit in one place and concentrate on breathing. Moreover, in this one to focus on the though that is going in the mind. Along with the other different kind of pattern running in mind. On the other hand, they will be focusing on the tingling sensation in the body while concentrating on breathing.

Breath awareness meditation

One of the most common meditation methods but effective once it is mastered or practice daily. It is a subdivision of mindful meditation. In fact, in this one concentrates on the rhythmic breathing pattern, by avoiding all other kinds of thoughts. The mind never stops generating thoughts. So, only through the proper guidelines and regular practice one can control their mind and its thoughts. By doing this meditation one can improve their concentration and get success in career and curriculum. Besides this, it also reduces anxiety and improves emotional flexibility in a person.

Zen meditation

Another Buddhist meditation technique requires expert guidelines. However, this particular meditation needs stepwise monitoring. It has some specific steps and postures. Only a master can teach as one can’t learn themself. Here one has to concentrate on breathing by fully observing one’s own thoughts. You may wonder it look similar to mindfulness meditation? Yes, it is almost similar but this one required more discipline and practice unlike the basic level of mindfulness. People who wanted to start a new life in spirituality and seeking relaxation opt for this meditation method Meditation, an effective relaxing and spiritual process with regular practice changes one’s life in a positive way. The above mentioned are a few of the most popular types of mediation in the world. Besides this, there numerous other forms. One has to choose which form makes him more relaxed and help with reducing anxiety.

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