The present situation in the world is the human immune system became fragile and microbes became invincible. The main reason for less immunity is lifestyle and eating habits. As a result of this body is lacking the required nutrients to fight against the virus and bacteria. This is the main reason for the increase in diseases. It is never late to take action, Lets us understand the severity of the situation. By changing our lifestyle and eating habits.

Let’s stop junk food and focus on the nutrition food which keeps diseases at bay. In this article, we discuss 10 food which does marvel in improving your immune system.

Citrus fruits

Incredible fruits which do Marcel to improve immunity by taking it daily with your diet. Since most of us know Citrus fruits contain a high amount of vitamin c. In fact, this helps in boosting the immune system by producing more white blood cells in the body to fight against the virus.

Some of the fruits which are rich in Vitamin C are:

  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Grapes
  • Pineapple
  • kiwi
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • All kind of berries

Make a habit of consuming these fruits with your daily diet to keep disease at bay. Another alternative to increase vitamin C in the body is through a vitamin C supplement. But one should not take more than the required amount as it may result in Kidney problems like stone formation or in sever cause failure of the organ as well.

Red bell pepper

As we already saw fruits to consume to boost our immune system next we move to the spices category. The Red bell pepper as a high amount of vitamin C content than the Citrus fruits. Besides this, it as an additional benefit is the Beta carotene substance that produces Vitamin A automatically by our body.


A very popular ingredient used in almost all the cuisines across the world. The spice as many properties which was being used from ancient time to prevent many diseases. It fights against infections also helps in reducing blood pressure and heart diseases. It contains many vitamins like B6, C, Manganese, Fiber, Selenium. Garlic also acts as an effective ingredient to fight against the common cold.


Another most important root spice used in almost Indian food both veg and non-veg foods from ancient times. Ginger not only gives amazing taste in the curries but also helps the body to fight against viruses and other factors. Ginger helps in reducing cholesterol, inflammation in the body, and indigestion. Besides this, it is very effective in reducing the sore throat caused due to flue.


A yellow color root powdered which does marvels with its medicinal properties. In India, there is not a single curry that doesn’t have turmeric. A very effective substance to boost the immune system. This spice is considered as an Ayurveda medicine in India for its antiviral property. It is very effective for the common cold, treating arthritis and also helps in reducing muscle damage.


Add a few pieces of Broccoli to your dish or make a salad of Broccoli and eat at least twice a week to improve the essential vitamins in the body. The vegetable is well known for its minerals and vitamin content. It is a package of A, C, and E vitamins along with fiber. Besides this it as antioxidants that help to flush the toxins out of the body.


A green leaf vegetable with abundant health benefits. Even though most of us know it is rich in Vitamin C very little we are consuming. Let us not ignore this wonderful green leaf which also rich in antioxidant property and beta carotene. That gives our body enough strength to fight against infections and viruses by boosting our immune system.

Another common mistake one does will cooking Spinach is overcooking due to which it loses all the nutrients in it. So make a note when your preparing spinach recipe cooks it lightly to get the health benefits which it offers.


A cup of good bacteria helps the immune system to fight against the antibodies. The yogurt comes in different flavors. The plain yogurt which out added sugar is the best to consume. Yogurt not only helps in digestion but also improves the immune system. As it as a very good source for Vitamin D which we get very rarely in the food apart from the sun. Buy a good brand known for its active culture in the Yogurt to fight the disease by boosting the immune system.


Nuts a powerful ingredient added to daily life bring a bundle of happiness. Among these nuts Almonds plays a vital role as it is rich in Vitamin E which helps the body to observe the required vitamins and nutrients. It is a high content of healthy fats very important for body function. Daily take half a cup of almonds to improve your immunity.

Sunflower seeds

The beautiful flower seeds are full of rich nutrients especially Vitamin E which plays an important role in the improving body’s immune system. It is one of the best health benefits seeds with Phosphorus, Magnesium, B6, and E vitamins. On the other hand, it is a very high content of selenium. Recent research showed that it as the potential to fight against the N1H1 virus.


Prevention is better than cure. The best means to stay healthy in the disease pron world is to improve the immune system. By including the above-mentioned food in your daily diet which eventually shows an extraordinary result on your health. Stay healthy and stay happy.

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