Daily a new report regarding COVID 19 comes out which is quite overwhelming to the people. In this article, we will not discuss the microbe that put the entire world in chaos and crushed the global economy. Moreover, we focus on Vitamin D and its facts regarding COVID 19 and also how it played a major role in the human body functioning. What are the Sources for Vitamin D?

Importance of Vitamin D

Since vitamin D plays a major role in the boosting immune system to fight against pathogens. Therefore, one should have the required level of Vitamin D in their body. A low amount leads to a weak immune system that a person is prone to diseases. An easy target for deadly viruses.

It not only fights against the virus but also helps to maintain a healthy body. Today, in the world, one can see a huge number of people falling ill due to lack of Vitamin D. Previous only senior citizens were the people who had less vitamin D whereas now irrespective of age people are suffering. This is mainly due to the lifestyle, they are leading.

This nutrient is important to the body to keep the bones, teeth, and muscles strong. Besides Calcium, Vitamin D plays a major role in bone health. A person with low D nutrients their bones will lose strength eventually it may break. It also shows an effect on the digestive system . Low D nutrients results in some digestive ailments.

Vitamin D protection against COVID 19?

Recently there is news regarding the D, Vitamin helps in protecting against COVID 19. This news came with a very strong example as well. Let us look into the facts regarding this. In the European countries mostly senior citizens lost their lives due to low D nutrients in their bodies. Low immune systems increase the risk of getting a virus. Lack of Vitamin D in senior citizens is one of the reasons for deaths. However, there is no research or scientific evidence that proves this statement.

As we all know their no particular medicine for this virus to date. However, to stay healthy one has to check your Vitamin D level through blood tests after consulting a physician. If the level is low your physician will prescribe the required dose for you. Based on that one can take the supplements and improve their immune system to fight against the pathogens.

NOTE: Self-medication regarding this particular nutrient is not advisable. Consult a physician nearby you and state your concern.

Sources for Vitamin D

Sunlight is the best provider of vitamin D. Besides this there is another food substance that also helps in these nutrients in a natural way. Early morning before 9 AM and sunset time UV light provides the best and natural Vitamin D nutrients in it. So plan to spend some time in sunlight daily morning or at least during sunset time to observe the wonderful nutrients directly through Sunlight.


These popular fatty fish contain very high-level Vitamin D. However, the percentage of the vitamins in the fish varies from the area it is brought from. Besides these vitamins also vary based on the fish. If the fish is a wild fish that lives in the ocean, then it has a high amount of nutrients. On the other hand, the formed fish have low nutrients levels in it.

Wild fish has 988IU of vitamin D

Formed Fish has  526IU of vitamin D

Dairy Products

Cow milk and soy milk are other sources for Vitamin D. Most of us on a daily bases we have been consuming cow milk for many years. Fortified Cow milk contains 115–130 IU per cup.

Soy milk is mostly found in the animals which are also a good source of this nutrition. However, the concern raise when you are a vegetarian and the vegans as they are the people prone to this deficiency.

Egg yolks

An alternative to people who don’t eat fish is Egg. As we are well aware of the fact that egg is a good amount of protein content in it. In fact, the egg yolk as a high amount of nutrients in it in that Vitamin D is one of the nutrients. The level of vitamin depends on the chicken if the eggs laid by the chicken exposed to the sunlight then it has high-level D vitamins in it. So it advisable to buy the eggs by checking the pack cover where they will mention the vitamin details.

Normal egg contains 37 IU of vitamin D


In plants, Mushrooms play an important source of these nutrients. However in mushrooms as only D2 nutrients which are less effective in boosting the immune system when compared to animals which give D3. D2 is useful for the increase in blood level.

These mushrooms have efficiency similar to humans to observe the UV light to get vitamin D. On the other hand mushrooms grown in the dark place to have low nutrients. Hence, the levels D 2 vitamin in mushrooms depended on the brand it is grown.

Cod liver oil

Another alternative to fish haters a very popular in fact for its nutritional values. As it as very high levels of D Vitamin along with Vitamin A and omega3 fatty acids. One must be extremely careful while consuming this only one teaspoon of this can consumed per day. Taking to much of this leads to serious health problems.

One teaspoon contains 448 IU Vitamin D


As there is no direct evidence that Vitamin D supplements can protect against COVID -19. But one can increase their levels if there are deficient as it strengthens the immune system to fight against antibodies. Whereas others can take this nutrient in a natural way to maintain their level. Stay healthy to lead a happy life.

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