In the present condition, we all understood the importance of staying hygiene and healthy. As the coronavirus mainly attacks the respiratory system we are now very keen about understanding the importance of lungs. How do we keep it strong by strengthening the lungs? Lungs play a major role in the human body as it supplies the oxygen to the enter body through blood cells.

Functioning of Lungs

Lungs are one of the important organs in the body for a person to stay alive. The main functionality of the lungs is it takes the oxygen from the atmosphere when a person inhales. Later releases oxygen in the red blood cells which carry this throughout the body. Hemoglobin in the blood separates the carbon dioxide. Along with this it also helps the human body to release the toxic gas and CO2 through the exhale. A person never experiences all this activity happening inside their body.

How to strengthen the Lungs

Firstly, if a person wants to strengthen this precious organ which helps humans to breathe. Then they should stop abusing it with there addictions towards smoking which is quite harmful to the lungs. Besides this, if a person suffering from some of the health problems related to the lungs. Such a person should practice breathing exercises apart from taking medicines.

People suffering from lung-related issues most commonly experience shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing. Some of the common lung diseases are

  • Asthma
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome,
  • Cystic fibrosis and
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Simple exercises for the good functioning

The benefits of the breathing exercises are it increases the breathing capacity of the lungs. Due to aging, diseases, and pollution, the breathing capacity of the lungs is reducing day by day. So it is very important to strengthen and increase the breathing capacity of the lungs. As the world became hostile to lungs everyone must respond to protect it against antibodies and other harmful things.

Before starting any exercise consult a doctor or explain your health problem to your trainer. Never try any exercises by yourself without proper guidance. Lets us have a look at the simple exercises for everyone these exercises are not only for people who have a problem it is for everyone to strengthen their Lungs from the pollution and virus.

Pursed Lip breathing

A simple and very beneficial exercise for strengthening the lungs. Everyone irrespective of their age can try this. Moreover, this breathing keeps the airway open for a long time.

For this one has to sit with spine straight posture for better breathing

Inhale the air deeply in a controlled manner through the nose and exhale through the pursed lips in a slow and gentle manner.

The important point here is exhaling time should be twice the time of the inhale. One’s lips should be in a kissing poster as if they are going to kiss. One should exhale the air through the pursed lips.

However, time for the inhale and exhale purely depends on the individuals. Some inhale for 5 seconds some exhale for 10 seconds based on their comfort level one can do this.

Belly breathing

A simple but very effective breathing exercise that expands the lung’s contracts. This breathing helps in strengthening the lungs

Sit in straight poster or lie down whichever poster you are comfortable, choose whatever is comfortable for you before starting this exercise.

Place one hand on the tummy and other on the chest where the lungs reside.

Take a deep breath and observe the stomach movement when you breathe in and out. Also, make sure stomach movement should be more not the lungs or the chest region.

Make sure your stomach stretching for every breath. Start slowly and try to expand as much as you can in the belly region, not on the chest region.

This deep breathing not only improves the lung capacity but also brings calmness to the person.

Interval training

While training whenever you experience shortness of breath, it is advisable to slow down the training until you are able to breathe normally. Meanwhile, you can do pursed-lip breathing until breathing becomes normal. For instance when your doing jogging by setting a timeline and suddenly you experience breathlessness it is advisable to reduce the speed and increase the time. Give time for the lungs to recover before throwing a challenge at it.


During pandemic doing breathing exercises are as important as following the WHO hygienic guidelines. So try these simple and easy exercises at home at least 15 mints, any exercises from above based on your comfort levels. One can do this any time in a day. Stay home and stay safe by strengthening the lungs to protect against the virus.

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